Senin, 10 Mei 2010

How to contact us.

AMITHEVINTAGIST is a textile jewellery and experimental accecories [and others] line. we sell hand made artsy crafty pieces, such as: necklace, headpieces, totes, patchwork, costumize tees and shoes, interior needed, and many more as long as it's the handmade project.

started in september 2004 with many home made crafty's project. our stuff is not mass product. its totally handmade and customize. we made it in traditional way, because we love it. we love our product. sometimes it feel so sad when we have to sell them all. hha!

we love folk, needleworking, crafty handy pieces. so we want to put this artwork on yr daily fashion. make you proud. and make this little piece being yrown fashion way. it's like wearing my grandma DIY's stuff.

available at:
*Illustre Butik, Ranggapoint-Ranggamalela, Bandung
*Omuniuum, Ciumbuleuit 151 B - Bandung
*Moozee Butik, Bagusrangin, Bandung
*Alun ALun Indonesia, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta
*Bikin Barang, Kemang-Jakarta
*Lou Belle Shop, Setiabudhi 5, Bandung
*Katallog [sebelah Flashy], Dipatiukur-Dago, Bandung

how to order:
1. confirm ke 02292523789 barang yang kamu mau
2. transfer ke BCA/mandiri
3. confirm, paling telat 2 hari [tergantung lagi banyak orderan atau engga] aku kirim deh.
4. jangan lupa smsin juga nama lengkap dan alamat lengkapmu.
simple kan?

Happy BIRDay[:


ps: FREE shipping fee!

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